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it’s for the kids.

twice a month I get the pleasure of working with Discovering Options and about ten grade school kids. it is loads of fun!

so when Charmaine (the lovely and inspiring director of this after-school program) asked me to participate in an event in September, I jumped at the chance.

Iron Kids is going to be a great party with appetizers, drinks, and a competition of dishes that the kids helped create. Come by and help these kids get the support they need!



(Discovering Options is always looking or Mentors or Volunteers, please call 314-721-8116 to get started)

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You say, “Tuh-may-toe.” I say, “Delicious!”

There in season, in our shop, and straight from the bi-state!

Besides being juicy, vibrant, and down-right scrumptious, tomatoes are bustin’ at the seams with nutritional goodies.

Vitamin C: 1/2 cup (about a handful) of diced ‘maders provide 20% of the recommended daily dose of this notable immune booster

Lycopene : This fabulous phytochemical shields cells from nasty free radicals, protects the skin from sun damage, and promotes prostate health

Zeaxanthin: Another wacky-sounding compound floating in tomatoes prevents macular deterioration by shielding eyes from UV rays…you see???

Did I mention this fruit is low in fat and high in fiber?

Try tomatoes:

  • On your breakfast sandwich (especially with greens and goat cheese spread!)
  • Sprinkled on your salad
  • Dipped in Ah!Zeefa or house-made hummus (great gluten-free substitute to chips)
  • Stacked with mozzarella, basil, and olive oil (or Balsamic vinegar)
  • Blended in a simple red sauce



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Here’s the Beef!

Brentwood Burger Battle…

Thursday, hundreds snaked around a tiny enclave of smoky tents in the Brentwood Whole Foods parking lot to sample goodies from five different local eateries. The first Whole Foods Market Grass-Feed Beef Burger Cook-off proved a wild success. So much so, every chef ran out of patties! Once the coals cooled and the last morsel was savored–Local Harvest came out on top!

Chef Clara Moore and her dynamic grilling duo (J. Jones and Mr. Zeng) whipped up an original meat-masterpiecce. A juicy grass-fed patty studded with roasted garlic, topped with Patchwork bacon, Prairie Breeze cheese, pickled veg, homemade ketchup and grainy mustard. Then, all that loveliness got sandwiched in a hearty pretzel bun. Whoa!

Thanks to the patrons’ votes (and satisfied tummies), Local Harvest’s burger received first prize and $500 to the non-profit of Chef Clara’s choice, Missouri Rural Crisis Center. Thanks for showing Local Harvest love!!!

To the victor goes the giant novelty check!

The burger--in all its grass-fed glory

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What’s new???

Boy, we're stoked about all the new things goin' on!

Get your roll on

Dropping in for dinner? Try the stuffed cabbage rolls. They’re so fabulous they were featured in Feast.

Less is more

If you think the big sandwiches are well…too big…downsize. The Tom, BLT, Club, and Mediterranean sandwiches can be ordered half-sized (with tasty Billy Goat Chips) for only $6.


Gluten-intolerant folk rejoice! We now have gluten-free bread for your sammy. And we’re even taking some baked-good recipes for a spin…

Breakfast is served (earlier)

7am breakfast is back by popular demand. Monday through Friday pop in for an egg sandwich to nibble on during your morning commute.

New Dinner Menu

Sample our summer dinner menu that includes local Kobe beef, housemade ricotta, and goat soup.

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(Our) French Toast…C’est magnifique!

This goes out to all the brunch enthusiasts…

If you have yet to make a trip to our eatery on Saturday or Sunday between the hours of 8am and 2pm–honey, you’re missing out! Our brunch menu features some incredible items. I personally want to take some time to wax poetic about our slammin’ stuffed French toast.

This dish was my first taste of Local Harvest and I’ve been hooked ever since. Two thick and tender slices of Brioche bread get layered with a sumptuous mixture of cream cheese and fruit. Once baked, it’s drizzled with maple syrup, dusted with powdered sugar, and served with a seasonal fruit medley. You must know, all the magic is inside. Every week, our kitchen whips up new filling combos from wickedly fresh ingredients giving this dish it’s je ne sais quoi. It’s…how do you say…? Delicious!

Don’t believe the hype? Don’t take my word for it. See what other folks are saying about us. Better yet, come on in and sample for yourself.

Miss Dana makin' magic with cream cheese, local bluberries, and sensational zest


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