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What is BeerBucha?

This is the true story of a happy accident, the result of which is now available EXCLUSIVELY at Local Harvest Cafe and Catering.

At 12:30am on 1/1/9 I watched my boyfriend’s brother-in-law pour our leftover contribution of Poema Cava (we use this at the Cafe in our mimosas) down the sink. RATS! But, as it was a family affair I thought it would be inappropriate to shout across the room for him to stop wasting our brut that we were planning to have with our black eyed peas and brunch. I spent the rest of the party trying to figure out just what we had in the fridge with which to celebrate in the privacy of our home in the morning. Luckily, family New Year’s Eve parties end early

The next day while the peas were cooking I took a grim inventory of the fridge. We had exactly two Miller High Lifes and one mango GT’s Kombucha, many flavors of which are available at both the Cafe and Grocery.

I recalled attending a brunch with friends several weeks prior during which we tried and enjoyed “beermosas”–the poor man’s mimosa, a combination of orange juice and lager. Those were surprisingly tasty.

As I peered in the fridge the mango kombucha orangely provided an instant color association with the beermosas, so i thought, “why not give it a try? Here we have the ‘champagne of beers’ and the naturally effervescent fermented goodness of kombucha…” “HEY, Honey,” I said. “How ’bout a miller-mango-mosa to ring in the New Year?” Needless to say, he was game.

The mango variety of GT’s Kombucha is particularly active. I believe this is because it is quite full of tropical fruit enzymes which mingle with the kombucha enzymes in an excitable way. All that enzyme goodness is just itching to get out of the bottle and into your digestive tract. It explodes. We’ve all seen it happen. And cleaned it off ourselves. And it can put a first-timer off, so Local Harvest only stocks it sporadically. It is a good idea to open it over a glass.

So I exploded some into a couple of glasses, added as much beer to each glass, and voila! beerbucha was invented. It was very fizzy and foamy. And it was quite tasty, too.

Since that first beerbucha it has become my drink of choice, and has endlessly piqued my friends’ curiosity. I have been experimenting with flavors and types of beers and ratios. I could go into great detail about all this, but it would be more fun for you to experiment on your own. If you have an adventurous spirit, if your friends only drink Stag beer and you just don’t like it, if you are a light-weight, if you crave some refreshment with your beer, if you’re a Belgian beer fan (which I’m not); whatever the reason, I encourage you to give it a try.

It did take a couple of months for folks to catch on, but the staff tried them at their last meeting and they are now being served at our Cafe, so you can try it in a safe environment…

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Charleville Beer Tasting

Monday, April 6, at 7:00 p.m.,  Local Harvest Cafe and Catering is hosting a beer tasting featuring Charleville beers.  You will sample four beers accompanied by four small plates (four small plates bearing delicious food pairings.)  Cost is $20.

Sign up at cafe or store.  See website below for information about the microbeers from Charleville Winery.


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Beer and Wine! Wine and Beer!

over at the grocery – we have expanded our beer and wine selection, adding another rack for wine and another cooler for beer.

our new acquistions include selections from He’Brew, Boulevard, Left Hand Brewery, and Fort Collins Brewery, and our new wine rack is stocked with imported, domestic, and even local bottles of wine (Chamborchin from Claverach Vineyards in Eureka, Missouri) priced from $5 to $16.




here at the cafe’ – we are now serving some delicious beer and wine…

things like Schlafly, O’Fallon, New Grist gluten free, Arcadia Nut Brown, and Guiness – as well as Cruz de Piedra Granacha, Penescal Tempranillo, Hess Artezin Zinfandel, and Vinecol Organic Chardonnay.



come in for a pint of beer with your lasagna or a glass of wine with you anitpasto plate. starting friday, we are open till 9pm nightly (except sunday and monday).


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Serving Beer and Wine at the Cafe!!!

it’s true – we have finally gotten our liquor license…

tonight is your first night to savor our delicious local beers, domestic and imported wines.

Including : schalfly, boulevard, charleville beers – artezin zinfandel, medanos tempranillo, cruz de piedra granacha

stop by, have dinner, have a drink – we are ope till eight.


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beginning of the holidaze.

this weekend marked the true beginning of the season for us at Local Harvest.

yesterday, we saw wonderful participation in this year’s cranksgiving. thanks to everyone that loaded up their bags and rode for charity.

we have stocked our new prepared foods cooler with ready-to-bake stuffing, cranberry sauce, and soups.

we finally got in our beautiful, fresh, free range turkeys yesterday…so if you ordered one – we have it ready for you.

we got in Joy Stinger’s lovely beeswax candles for a clean burning light at your Thanksgiving dinner, or decorative squash to liven up the table.

we have everything you need to make your holiday pies, including pie crust (even whole wheat), pie filling, spices, and cream for whipping.

Heartland has dropped off their delicious eggnog, and we have marshmallows and organic sweet potatoes.

and, of course, don’t forget our cold beer and imported wines – perfect for putting the festive into this time of year. (pictures coming soon!)

remember, it’s best when you do it local.


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who wants beer?…Charleville (review)

in preparation for our spanking new liquor license – we decided to try some beer.

first out of the cooler were three brews from Charleville Vineyards in Ste. Genevieve.

these three:

all of these brews got rave reviews from all of us. our notes look something like this (please do forgive us, we are not beer tasting professionals, just enthusiasts):

tornado alley amber ale

fairly dark in color, but clear

the nose and the flavor are on the light side

i tasted mostly coffee and chocolate, with a bitter back end

half wit wheat

light in color, a little cloudy

the nose is heavy with orange, and the first taste is full of corriander – this is a spice lovers beer

the corriander wasn’t my favorite, but it did lend the beer an interesting flavor

it had a mostly clean finish

Maddie thought this one was dandy.

hoptimistic i.p.a

there is no picture – we drank the whole bottle before i thought to bring out the camera.

that is how good it is.

it didn’t hurt that anne and i love i.p.a. to begin with, but….

this one is delicious, on the hoppy side but bursting with flavor and it has a nice clean finish.

i’m enthusiasic about this beer – actually i am enthusiastic about all these beers.

just hold your breath a little longer and you will be able to buy these right out of our cooler.



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