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Turkey Time

Sarah and her son at the 2008 Turkey Pick up at Local Harvest Grocery

Sarah and her son pick up their delicious, fresh turkey from Local Harvest Grocery.

Hard to believe, but Thanksgiving is a month away. Local Harvest Grocery is offering fresh, Broadbreasted Turkeys from Farrar Out Farm.  The turkeys are $3.49/lb. You can choose the size range of 14-17lb or 18-22lb turkeys.   A $25 deposit is required to hold your turkey.  A Turkey Pick-Up Night is scheduled for November 22nd.  Last year’s was really fun and created a wonderful sense of community. 

We have 100 turkeys total available for sale and already we’ve sold about 25. If you want to sample the turkey, we are smoking at least one turkey a week at our cafe and serving it in our dinner menu.  I enjoyed a few slices last week and found it to be very flavorful and moist!

Farrar Out Farm is a small family farm located about 90 miles south of St. Louis. This husband and wife team has a passion for cooking and eating great food. They started their farm venture because they realized in order to eat the freshest, healthiest food available they needed to raise it themselves.  The Truempers raise certified naturally grown produce, pasture raised Berkshire pigs, eggs, chicken, ducks, geese, broadbreast, and heritage breed turkeys.


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