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In dutiful service of the carrot

I’m just now getting around to writing the home office, mostly out of vacation laziness. It’s the fifth day in Germany, and boy am I worn out.  I’m worn out because in lieu of a bike or a gym I had to resort to jogging with Hannah and Becky.  I’m not made for jogging. At least the weather is so far removed from the St. Louis July that working up a sweat jogging is a nice way to stay warm.  Anyway, as you would expect, I’ve had my fair share of beer and pork products.  I don’t know which is more exciting for me, the variety of good cheap beer or the various wursts, cold cuts, and miscellaneous meat products avaliable.  I would love for Todd Geisert to try the mett, ground salted raw pork and see about getting that in the store.  No really, I’ve had it twice already and I’m fine.  Getting back to the beer, what a revelation.  The variety and price is what impresses me.  Half litres of good beer for the same price of Stag, and you can drink on the street. The concept of limited release, 20$ single beers people buy to hoard and resell on ebay is a foreign concept, however the local grocery store just introduced and imported beer section featuring among others, The Brooklyn Brewery and Firestone Walker.
I guess I didn’t mention it earlier, but we’re here in Dortmund, in the northwest part of Germany, in the state of Nordrhine-Westfalia the most populated state in the nation.  We’re very close to Cologne, Dusseldorf, Essen, Munster, and you can travel easily between the cities by train. Yesterday we were able to travel for free to Dusseldorf to drink some altbeer at the Uerige brewery. Anyway, Dortmund is supposedly the beer capital of Germany according to our native host Andy and there is certainly no shortage of beers and places to drink them.  The most familiar to Americans would be DAB which is sold at Local Harvest.  Others include Kronen, Brinkhoffs, Hovels, Stifts, Ritter, Dortmunder Union, Bergman, Hansa, and some more I haven’t tried.  They all fall within the “Dortmunder” style, a variation of pilsener.  But, if you go up the road to Cologne or Dusseldorf, you will get a city specific different style that I will go into later.  Today we leave for Brussels where we’re going to get a completely different perspective on beer.
Depending on the communication technology situation, I will update from Belgium.
In dutiful service to the carrot;

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