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The Local Harvest Community Seed Library

Part of Local Harvest’s mission is to build a local food community. All of the food we eat- from fresh produce, to grains, meat, and even dairy- can eventually be traced back to seeds.  So what better way to promote our St. Louis food community than to save and share seeds? We are excited to announce the opening of the Local Harvest Community Seed Library.

Seed libraries are popping up all over the country. They act as local seed banks, saving seeds from plants that thrive in their own communities and promoting biodiversity. You may have heard of seed banks like the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, which preserve vast amounts of seeds in case of future calamities. A noble cause! But instead of locking our seeds away, the Local Harvest Community Seed Library will allow us to continue to cultivate and develop strong plants that produce well in the St. Louis area and pass them along to future gardeners.  Saving our seeds as a community frees us from the grips of powerful commercial interests, allows us to truly personalize our crops to our climate, and promotes biodiversity on a large scale.

So how does it work? The seed library is a completely free community resource. Anyone can “borrow” seeds from the library, with the promise that they will return as many seeds (or more) for the next season. The library is broadly organized in three sections: edibles, herbs, and ornamental plants. The edibles section is the largest and is categorized by plant family. Don’t worry, we have a guide to some common plant families posted, as well as a comprehensive index of all seeds available in the library.  Complete directions for checking out seeds will be posted for your use.

Through generous donations from Gateway Greening and Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, the Local Harvest Community Seed Library is chock full of seeds that will thrive in our area. Of course we welcome any seeds you may wish to donate, too! Seed donation directions will also be posted.

The Local Harvest Community Seed Library will debut at the Tower Grove Farmers’ Market this Saturday, June 8. Stop by the Local Harvest booth to learn more about it and check out some seeds! After the market, the Library will be based at Local Harvest Grocery on Morganford, with plans to expand to our Kirkwood store as well.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or suggestions you may have here on the blog, at the market this Saturday, or in person at our Tower Grove store. Thanks, and happy seed saving!

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Ground Goat!

The grocery is getting some wonderful ground goat meat tomorrow from Angel Acres – a wonderful grass-fed beef and goat producer in East-Central Missouri.

Recently I did a few recipes from Earth Eats using ground goat meat, and they turned out pretty fantastic.

Check them out:

Goat and White Soup


Ground Goat Stuffed Cabbage Leaves


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Martin Rice

Local Harvest Grocery is happy to offer Brown Rice from Martin Rice Company. Martin Rice is grown in Bernie, Missouri.  I met Mr. Martin himself at the Governor’s Conference on Agriculture a couple of weeks ago.  He was handing out bags and bags of rice and promoting the Missouri Rice Research and Merchandising Council.  It was exciting to meet him  (I sometimes act like some of our farmers are rock stars) and to find out what happened to the fantastic Jasmine rice they used to carry. Apparently the Jasmine crops they planted all failed. “No one was more upset then we were” he said to me. Can’t wait to get it again. It was extremely aromatic, light, and flavorful.

 The brown rice came in a week or so ago. This is the first time we’ve had brown rice from Martin Rice and I know many of you will be happy to finally have a local brown rice.

If you haven’t tried this rice it is very flavorful and as a bonus it comes in this super cool and very reusable canvas bag.  We sell 2 lb bags for 3.99. 

Check out their webpage

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A trip to Joy Stingers-and lovely candles

Joy and her beautiful pillar

When you meet Joy Stinger, you don’t forget it.  A bundle of energy,  amazing honey, and beautiful candles all from a woman who personifies German grandma. Don’t ask me to explain that, it just makes sense to  me.  Anyway, I was excited to get the chance to visit Joy at her home this week. My son got dragged along too, but lucky for him this meant the chance to see chickens, hold a rabbit, see fish, cats, and two dogs. It’s like a petting zoo and Santa’s workshop in Clayton, Missouri. 

The dog was licking the bunny...

I visited Joy to buy some of her beautiful candles for the holidays.  You’ll notice a photo of her pillars and one of her molds. The candles are amazing and many are made with antique molds. Joy also hand paints a lot of the candles which are made with beeswax and have the lovely aroma of honey.

Candle molds

In addition to candles, I was able to get a peek into Joy’s world. There is no shortage of animals to care for, candles to paint, molds to fill, eggs to gather…etc.  Seriously I don’t know how she does it all.

We have lots of her candles for sale at the store-tapers, pillars, pine cones, old-fashioned santas and small painted and unpainted ornaments.  As quickly as they are selling I think I’ll be heading back to Clayton very soon.

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Plants, plants, plants at Local Harvest Grocery

Sun golds

They’re back–lovely herbs and vegetable plants from Biver Farms. This year we’ve lowered the prices–$2.99 for herbs, $3.49 for vegetable plants.  We are cheaper than Whole Foods! These plants are special because they are certified organic and because Biver Farms supplies us with many hard to find varieties–especially for tomatoes.  This year you can even buy the Sun Gold cherry tomatoes to grow in your own garden. These fly off the shelves at our store and he can barely keep them in stock at Farmer’s Markets.  These tomatoes are a beautiful and vibrant orange color with a taste that is  so sweet you’ll eat them right off the vine.

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100% Grass Fed Beef

grassLocal Harvest Grocery is excited to welcome Missouri Grass Fed Beef as a new vendor.  You’ll find that this  100% grass fed beef is comparably priced, delicious, locally produced and we believe better for the environment and the animal.  And, how great is it to be able to buy it right here in the City of St. Louis. No trip to the county is necessary. 

Please check out the information below to learn more about Missouri Grass Fed Beef.  Jeremy, one of the farmers  and owners, is very knowledgeable and a big believer in the importance of 100% grass fed beef, sustainable farming, and treating animals well.  

If you want to meet him yourself, he will be at the Maplewood Farmer’s Market this year. 

The meat arrives on March 26th so we hope to see you soon!



Our mission at Missouri Grass Fed Beef is simple:

>Treat our animals humanely and ethically
>Provide the highest quality grass fed beef in a reliable year round supply
>Enable small farms to continue their way of life while leaving the smallest footprint on the environment

We forbid any growth hormones, steroids, or antibiotics to be given to our cattle so that our customers can be assured of receiving pure, healthy beef the way nature intended.
The beef we sell has been born and raised on the same farm from start to finish.  They are processed at less than 1 year of age which results in the leanest, most tender grass fed beef available.  They have never been fed any grain or animal by-products(standard practice at commercial feed lots) and have only had grass, legumes, mother’s milk, and free choice minerals.
Our family has been in the cattle business since 1945 and we have seen many changes in farming and ranching throughout the decades.  One thing that has not changed is our commitment to the land and to our animals.  We keep our land healthy and productive by utilizing a rotational grazing system.  This insures that our cattle are taking in the highest quality protein. 


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New products–Mangia Pesto and Sauce

Craving the taste of Mangia but can’t be bothered to step out of your house. Well, next time you’re at Local Harvest I highly suggest you grab one of the new products we’re carrying from Mangia–Pesto and Pasta Sauce.  A few nights ago I enjoyed the pesto with some of the fresh Radiatorre from Mangia. It was sooo delicious.  The pesto was just right–not too oily and full of basil and garlic.  Made me think of summer time. 

Oh yeah, and don’t forget that we carry a variety of fresh pasta from Mangia and the selections change weekly.  A new one I had the other day was a beet fettuccine and it was delightful. The flavor was a little earthy and color was a nice light fuschia.  The pasta does not taste like beets which made my husband very happy.


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NEW: Volpi Wine Salami


We’re excited to offer a new local product at Local Harvest Grocery–Volpi Wine Salamis.  These salamis are minimally processed and do not have nitrites.  We are currently selling them for $5.29 which is cheaper than you can order them on-line.  This is a high quality salami with a very unique flavor.  We carry Chianti and Pinot Grigio. 

Below is a description straight from Volpi.

                                                             WINE SALAMpinot_salami1I

Two great Italian loves – Wine and Salami – come together resulting in one of the most authentic and innovative products in today’s world of charcuterie. Experience the unique, old world style of Volpi’s Chianti, Pinot Grigio and Rose Wine Salami.  These mouth-watering salami are infused with high quality wines, dry cured and aged to perfection.  Volpi wine salami are made with all natural fresh pork, minimally processed and contain no artificial ingredients or nitrites.  Like any good wine, Volpi wine salami are meant to be shared with family and friends and are best accompanied by soft, fresh cheese and crusty breads. 

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ropp cheese from normal, il.

the store is now carrying some new local cheese – ropp cheeses.

these cheeses are made in normal, illinois with the milk from jersey cows, which tends to be a bit sweeter than milk from regular dairy cows.

we have quite a selection cheddars (like white cheddar, jalapeno, green onion, horseradish) and a delicious swiss.

the one type that caught my eye was the cheddar blue, it looks like this:


i would say that the sweetness definitely shines through, creating a subtle and creamy blue cheese with a bit of a white cheddar bite.

i had some with crackers and apples – it was great. and then i had some in a salad – it was also great.

andy from riddles penultimate and from eat here st. louis visited the farm and reported that the cows are happy and healthy.

the specialty cheeses cost $10.19 per pound and the others are $9.19 per pound.

come in and try some local delights.



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We now carry salmon

sockeye_portion1sockeye_fishingWe now carry frozen salmon from Wild Alaska Salmon and Seafood Company.  This company operates out of Illinois and Alaska.  Tony Wood, the owner and fisherman, lives half the year in the lower 48 and half the year in Alaska.  I’ve included the website so that you can read all about this company.

We are carrying frozen sockeye salmon fillets (6-10oz) and frozen smoked sockeye salmon.  This is a wonderful product and we’re excited to be carrying their salmon. 

You’ll find it in our frozen food section.  It’s easy to find. : )


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