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George Travels to Germany

Well I’ve been lazy again, or rather my time has been linked to the whims of others, so I haven’t written for a while.  So I will review the last week.  We spent three nights in Brussels, staying at a lovely bed and breakfast, or rather a couple of spare rooms in a lovely house, in a lovely part of town.  So many beautiful buildings in Brussels: see what happens when you don’t start a world war and people don’t have to bomb all your lovely old buildings.  But let’s get to the important part, the beer.

The first bar we went to was the Moeder Lambic.  Despite the initial uncertainty about communication we managed to get right into Belgian beer, sampling draft lambics and paging through the giant bottle menu.  Next, walking and walking and walking; a lot of walking, a museum or two, and then the Cantillon brewery.  Cantillon, which also calls itself the geueze museum, is an unassuming place in the middle of a somewhat less than touristy part of town,is one of the few traditional producers of geueze and lambic.  Just walk inside and you’ll see that this is no modern brewery.  It smells like old wood and yeast and there are cobwebs everywhere, but they make some world famous beer.  Gueuze and lambic are spontaneously fermented beers that age for years in wooden barrels and are sour, deliciously sour.

The next stop of interest in Brussels was the Delirium Cafe.  They hold the Guiness record for most beers for sale at one time 2004, and the beer list is like a phone book.  I won’t go into detail, but I had some cellared beer you’ll never find in the U.S.: oh, and I got good and saucy. The next day we drove to the town of Beersel just outside of Brussels to go to the Drie Fontinen Brewery, another famous maker of geueze and lambic.  They were on vacation and the Oud Beersel Brewery had just closed an hour before we got there.  Oh well, we met some really nice locals at a bar and they directed us to a grocery store with a great selection.  We stocked up and drove to Aachen, Germany.

Aachen is nice border town which houses Charlemane’s cathedral and Germans.  Nice place.
We got back to Dortmund Saturday and now we are focusing on wedding plans.  Last night was the poulterabend, a prewedding party with both families.  We drank, we ate and we all took turns smashing plates and various ceramics at the Cafe Banana.  Good times.

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