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Local Fishes.

I stumbled upon this post about the fine fish at Troutdale Farm.

Over the past three years, since the Cafe opened, I have been mostly a locavore – especially when it comes to animal products. This trout has been on my dinner menu at the restaurant and my dinner plate at home – pretty much exclusively. It is amazing fresh and delicious, and we are lucky to have it so readily available in our area.

On the brunch menu we use Troutdale Farm trout for our Smoked Trout bagel – served on a fresh Companion bagel with cream cheese, capers, red onions, and House Smoked Trout. For lunch we serve the same smoked trout on a beautiful Nicoise Salad – organic greens, house pickled green beans, hard boiled cage-free Missouri eggs, red potatoes, capers, red onion, and balsamic vinaigrette. The dinner menu has Pan Seared Trout with local, seasonal offerings – it changes daily.

Last weekend we served that Pan Seared Trout with wild fiddle head ferns from Ozark Forest Mushroom, brown butter, and roasted new potatoes (pictured above).


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Martin Rice

Local Harvest Grocery is happy to offer Brown Rice from Martin Rice Company. Martin Rice is grown in Bernie, Missouri.  I met Mr. Martin himself at the Governor’s Conference on Agriculture a couple of weeks ago.  He was handing out bags and bags of rice and promoting the Missouri Rice Research and Merchandising Council.  It was exciting to meet him  (I sometimes act like some of our farmers are rock stars) and to find out what happened to the fantastic Jasmine rice they used to carry. Apparently the Jasmine crops they planted all failed. “No one was more upset then we were” he said to me. Can’t wait to get it again. It was extremely aromatic, light, and flavorful.

 The brown rice came in a week or so ago. This is the first time we’ve had brown rice from Martin Rice and I know many of you will be happy to finally have a local brown rice.

If you haven’t tried this rice it is very flavorful and as a bonus it comes in this super cool and very reusable canvas bag.  We sell 2 lb bags for 3.99. 

Check out their webpage

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A Chicken Testimonial

Wanted to share this super nice note from a customer.  Notes like these remind us of the reasons we opened the store (and later cafe.)  And, she brings up important points.  Yes, our meats costs more than at other stores because the farmers are using sustainable farming practices.  But it is so important when eating meat to eat healthy animals and to eat meat in moderation.  Quality vs Quantity.

(The note was written to my hubby–thus the “Hi Jason”.)



P.S. The chicken is from Greenwood Farms.


Hi Jason,

I bought a chicken at Local Harvest last week to make chicken soup with homemade noodles… kids with colds at my house. The price was higher than some other stores, but I don’t think I’ve ever made a better pot of soup than that one. Colds are all gone, too!

I basically do not buy meats at regular supermarkets any more except fish… so I end up buying less meat in general since the price is higher. However, I’m much more interested in quality than in quantity. I had to choose between buying health insurance or the healthiest food I can get. Guess which I chose? I can’t eat an insurance policy, but I can reduce the chances I’ll need one by only eating healthy foods. It really works! We almost never need doctors.

Send my thanks to Maddie and Patrick for sticking with this in trying times.


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Cheryl’s Shampoo and Soap-review

Here’s a recent product review from one of our customers.  I’m so glad she chose this vendor because I think many people overlook the Cheryl’s Herbs products in the store.  Hope this encourages more folks to try her wonderful goods…..

Hello there!  My name is Barb. I teach organic nutrition and whole body
health.  Additionally, I’m constantly searching for products to put in me or on me
that will prove to be a fountain of youth (you know, make me younger,
smarter and better looking lol).  Well, recently I found just such a
product!  I’m 46 and I color my hair for the sake of my vanity.  It was
just beginning to get that dry, over-cooked look when I discovered this
amazing product by Cheryl’s Herbs.  Its her Dry Skin Soap and Shampoo.
Now I must say, I’ve never used a combo product like this that delivered
well for both purposes.  But Cheryl’s is awesome!  In fact, now I have
soft, silky, shiny hair like a teenager (or like I never had when I was a
teenager). And my skin is looking and feeling so great, too. 

I’m not from the mid-west, so this winter, when my skin got so dry, red and flaky, I
thought it must be terminal!  But Cheryl’s cleared that up in a matter of
days.  Best of all, it delivers all this without making me oily at all,
which I also had trouble with. What a curse to be dry, red, flaky and oily
all at once!  But Cheryl’s changed all that for the better!  What an
awesome product.

Local Harvest carries several varieties of her soap/shampoo combinations and her lip balm.  Cheryl’s Herbs is located in Maplewood and she makes all of her products.  Check them out.

Keep it local,


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Dippity Ice Cream

I know, I know, it’s time to start acting on those resolutions, but I have to give you an idea for a little decadence to reward yourself.  Three new to our store varieties of Dippity Ice Cream have recently come to my palate–Mexican Chocolate, Cookies-N-Cream, and Bordeaux Cherry.

Mexican Chocolate is a rich chocolate ice cream with a healthy does of cinnamon. It is a delight and like most varieties of Dippity you don’t need to each much to feel very satisfied.  My husband and Father devoured the Cookies-N-Cream ice cream on Christmas because I decided to put a kabash on pies this year.  (How silly was that!) I went crazy for the Bordeaux cherry.  Big chunks of fruit make this especially delightful and it has a rich cherry flavor.  I admit that I had to force myself to close the container.


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ropp cheese from normal, il.

the store is now carrying some new local cheese – ropp cheeses.

these cheeses are made in normal, illinois with the milk from jersey cows, which tends to be a bit sweeter than milk from regular dairy cows.

we have quite a selection cheddars (like white cheddar, jalapeno, green onion, horseradish) and a delicious swiss.

the one type that caught my eye was the cheddar blue, it looks like this:


i would say that the sweetness definitely shines through, creating a subtle and creamy blue cheese with a bit of a white cheddar bite.

i had some with crackers and apples – it was great. and then i had some in a salad – it was also great.

andy from riddles penultimate and from eat here st. louis visited the farm and reported that the cows are happy and healthy.

the specialty cheeses cost $10.19 per pound and the others are $9.19 per pound.

come in and try some local delights.



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Better Life Cleaning Products

local-harvest-blog-photos-001Better Life offers these super fun, super groovy, and super great cleaning products. Sure the packaging is amazing and the names are hilarious–I Can See Clearly Wow window cleaner, what-EVER all purpose cleaner, 2am Miracle for nursery, Even the Kitchen Sink a gentle scrubber and their new product Get Floored floor cleaner–but these products really work.

Yes, at times I wish I was the person who mixed her own cleaning products using only baking soda and vinegar, but I’ve had to face the hard truth that I am only that person about .05% of the time. The rest of the time I’m using these products. The 2am Miracle has been great for my recent ill-fated attempts at potty-training, I Can See Clearly Wow works wonders on windows and really doesn’t streak and the what-EVER really is good for what-EVER. I’ve used it for bath, kitchen and woodwork so far.

Better Life recently added a new product Get Floored and now has lightly scented their “old” productsimg_0891. For the first time I’m looking forward to cleaning my floors.

These products are super green, very affordable and were developed and are manufactured right here in St. Louis. These products have a great story so check out the website to learn more

Yours in cleaning,


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