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Shop (Face)lifted!

We did some spring cleaning and general rearranging. Check out some of our new features.

  1. We traded bottled beer for tasty draft. Raise your glass to change.
  2. Look up! Those whimsical mason jar fixtures are handmade by our very own Sarah Trone.
  3. Take a seat. Our new chairs are sleek and space-saving.
  4. In the evening, cozy up to the bar. That toasty facade is wood from our owner, Maddie’s, family farm.
  5. Our new lean and mean espresso machine pulls the silkiest shots this side of Morganford. Mmm…

Tapped out.

Lights. Cafe. Action.

Walk on in. Sit right down.

Raising the bar.

We'll hit you with our best (2 ounce) shot.

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Local Fishes.

I stumbled upon this post about the fine fish at Troutdale Farm.

Over the past three years, since the Cafe opened, I have been mostly a locavore – especially when it comes to animal products. This trout has been on my dinner menu at the restaurant and my dinner plate at home – pretty much exclusively. It is amazing fresh and delicious, and we are lucky to have it so readily available in our area.

On the brunch menu we use Troutdale Farm trout for our Smoked Trout bagel – served on a fresh Companion bagel with cream cheese, capers, red onions, and House Smoked Trout. For lunch we serve the same smoked trout on a beautiful Nicoise Salad – organic greens, house pickled green beans, hard boiled cage-free Missouri eggs, red potatoes, capers, red onion, and balsamic vinaigrette. The dinner menu has Pan Seared Trout with local, seasonal offerings – it changes daily.

Last weekend we served that Pan Seared Trout with wild fiddle head ferns from Ozark Forest Mushroom, brown butter, and roasted new potatoes (pictured above).


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Ground Goat!

The grocery is getting some wonderful ground goat meat tomorrow from Angel Acres – a wonderful grass-fed beef and goat producer in East-Central Missouri.

Recently I did a few recipes from Earth Eats using ground goat meat, and they turned out pretty fantastic.

Check them out:

Goat and White Soup


Ground Goat Stuffed Cabbage Leaves


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the love us. they really love us!

Veg St. Louis came in for bunch and had these wonderful things to say – here.

Thanks for coming in guys, and I hope you come back for dinner soon – the spring menu is almost here!


Then Feast showed up to dine in the evening hours – here they talk about our delicious dinner fare.

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