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This is What an Heirloom Tomato Looks Like

not for the faint of heart

not for the faint of heart

I have the honor of buying extra produce from Tower Grove Farmers’ Market for Local Harvest Grocery. I can’t believe someone did not snap up this huge and beautiful Cherokee Purple last Saturday at Spikenard Farm’s stall. Folks were probably intimidated, as it was larger than my two fists put together. It was so intimidating that no one bought it at the store, either. Though it was a great showpiece, its window of opportunity was drawing to an end: tomatoes need to be appreciated at their peak. I was going to send it over to Local Harvest Cafe so they could share the wealth, but then I decided that I couldn’t resist and bought it for myself.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the beautiful bounty that comes our way. It is a pleasure to work with the local farmers and be surrounded by their healthy produce. But there comes a point when it is time to stop looking and start eating. And eat we did! Both my man-friend and our neighbor did a double-take on this one. We divided it up and ate it like an apple, juice dripping down our chins. My man-friend doesn’t even normally like raw tomatoes, but he said with awe that it tasted like the essence of Tomato…If you want to impress someone, bring them an heirloom tomato! (just for reference, that’s a teaspoon, next to the half of the fruit that i remembered to photograph just in time)


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