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tongue pot roast?

a few people have asked me exactly how i made the tongue pot roast, so i thought it would be nice to share with everyone.

first i put the raw tongue into a pot of cold water, brought it to a boil. simmered it for about 20 minutes.

pulled out the tongue and ran it under cold water until it was cool enough to touch.

used a small knife and trimmed the outer layer (i.e. taste buds, etc) and removed the vein from the bottom.

sauteed onions and carrots until they were a bit soft, added to tongue to the pan. browned the tongue a bit.

added enough water and stock to cover the tongue and brought it to a boil.

once boiling i removed everything from the heat and transferred it into a covered oven safe dish.

cooked it at 350 for about two hours, turning it every 30 minutes.

sliced the tongue and served it with the broth, carrots, and onions.


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