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Michael Pollan and Local Harvest

michael pollen

Jenny Ryan, Michael Pollen and Maddie Earnest. Mr. Pollen is surely all smiles after trying the Kale Soup and local asparagus!

Jenny Ryan and I were pretty excited to get our photograph taken with Michael Pollen who was in town Friday night to promote his book In Defense of Food.  He was super nice, super lean (must be all the good eating and not eating) and seemed appreciative of the samples we took him from the cafe. 

He condensed his message nicely in his talk:

Eat Less. Eat More Vegetables. And Eat Real Food.

Wow, now you don’t even have to buy the book.  No seriously, please read the book!  He was a inspiration and a good reminder of why we opened Local Harvest Grocery and Local Harvest Cafe. 

Yours in local eating, food celebrities, and good eats.

-Maddie Earnest


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