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Joe Pollack believes in us…

we were recently reviewed in Joe and Ann Pollack’s blog – i would say it was pretty good.

you can view it here.

we also got a nice little piece in St. Louis Magazine, on page 199. check it out.

and last, but not least, we have settled on a set menu for our dinner service, there may be a bit more tweaking, but this is generally how it will look. please stop by and sample some of our offerings.

Winter Dinner Menu

Savory Bread Pudding (served with hot pepper peach jam) – 4
Cheese & Antipasto Plate – 8
Hummus & Crostini – 4
Marinated Olives – 2

Small – 4     Large – 7
Winter Salad (roasted apples and dates served on mixed greens with goat cheese
& white wine vinaigrette
House Salad (mixed greens, house-pickled beets, goat cheese, pecans)


Green Plate Special – 8
Changes Daily

Rustic Puttanesca with Meatballs – 10
(classic Italian sauce of tomatoes, olives, onions, capers with carrots, locally grown lima beans, house-made meatballs using local pork & beef, served over locally grown rice)

Stockpot Special – 10
(house-smoked Missouri grass-fed brisket, with carrots, celery, onions, in a rich broth, served with roasted potato halves)

Open-faced Brisket Sandwich – 11
(house-smoked Missouri grass-fed brisket, served hot on a Companion roll with smoked Gouda cheese, with cole slaw & a cup of vegan chili)

Vegetarian Lasagna – 8
(fresh, locally-made lasagna sheets layered with spinach, zesty sauce, mozzarella & ricotta cheeses)

Chili with Toasted Cheese – 8
(house-made black bean chili topped with grated raw cheddar, onions, chiles, chili raita, served with 3 cheeses on toasted Companion bread)


Chocolate Cheesecake – 4


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A Chicken Testimonial

Wanted to share this super nice note from a customer.  Notes like these remind us of the reasons we opened the store (and later cafe.)  And, she brings up important points.  Yes, our meats costs more than at other stores because the farmers are using sustainable farming practices.  But it is so important when eating meat to eat healthy animals and to eat meat in moderation.  Quality vs Quantity.

(The note was written to my hubby–thus the “Hi Jason”.)



P.S. The chicken is from Greenwood Farms.


Hi Jason,

I bought a chicken at Local Harvest last week to make chicken soup with homemade noodles… kids with colds at my house. The price was higher than some other stores, but I don’t think I’ve ever made a better pot of soup than that one. Colds are all gone, too!

I basically do not buy meats at regular supermarkets any more except fish… so I end up buying less meat in general since the price is higher. However, I’m much more interested in quality than in quantity. I had to choose between buying health insurance or the healthiest food I can get. Guess which I chose? I can’t eat an insurance policy, but I can reduce the chances I’ll need one by only eating healthy foods. It really works! We almost never need doctors.

Send my thanks to Maddie and Patrick for sticking with this in trying times.


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Dinner Menu 12/6

since yesterday’s menu was so delicious, we decided o stick with it….

you can read it here.

keep doing it local,


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