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A press release announcing the Cafe Peru Chilchos that is for sale at LHG. Enjoy.







Ten percent of profits from the environmentally sustainable coffee to benefit WLBC


 (ST. LOUIS):  The William L. Brown Center (WLBC) at the Missouri Botanical Garden, in partnership with Kuva Coffee Company, proudly presents Café Peru Chilchos, an environmentally and economically sustainable coffee, grown under shade trees in the Chilchos Region of Peru. The coffee is available now for purchase in the Garden Gate Shop at the Missouri Botanical Garden and LOCAL HARVEST GROCERY. Kuva Coffee Company is donating 10 percent of their profits to WLBC to further develop research projects in Peru.  

Café Peru Chilchos is grown in the Chilchos Valley, an isolated region in the northeastern slopes of the Andes in Peru. Its inhabitants have tremendous respect for the natural environment, living in harmony with the ecosystem for hundreds of years. Conservation coffee farmers of the Chilchos Valley have worked meticulously to develop the highest quality Arabica bean without the use of chemicals or artificial fertilizers, thus protecting flora and fauna.

The Chilcho people were part of the Chachapoya ethnic group living in the dense cloud forests in the Huayabamba river valleys in Peru’s Amazonas region. They formed a free and democratic society, living in harmony with their natural environment. After the Spanish conquest, the Huayabamba area depopulated, and only a few families remained in what is now the actual province of Rodriguez de Mendoza. A small part of the huge abandoned area was “rediscovered” in the late 19th century by local farmers. Local families grow high value conservation coffee to sustain their livelihoods and conserve the remaining forests.

The Huayabama cloud forests are a refuge for a large number of plant and animal species found nowhere else in the world. The Chachapoya Biocommunity Network, with help from local NGO INBIAPeru, together with the William L. Brown Center at the Missouri Botanical Garden and Kuva Coffee Company, are working to establish the Huayabamba Conservation Corridor that will ensure the protection of flora and fauna, while giving the population a better and more sustainable livelihood by supporting small producers who grow high quality conservation coffee and cocoa. 

The Missouri Botanical Garden is the oldest continually operating botanical garden in the nation, celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2009. Missouri Botanical Garden: Green for 150 Years.

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Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate

I’m sure some of you have vowed to cut back on calories and maybe even sugar–if you are one of those, please don’t read this post.

New Chocolate Products

KaKaO: Hazelnut spread. Way better than Nutella, this delightful spread has a wonderful consistency, a strong hazelnut kick, and it is sweet, but not overly so. I love it, love it, love it.

Patric Chocolate: Three new products in the store since December.  Hot chocolate discs, Chocolate Nibs, and a 75% Cocoa bar.  The 75% Bar is unbelievable and what is not to like about Hot Chocolate Discs.  These are perfect for the cold, cold, nights we’ve had lately and they are wonderfully rich. 

So come on in for a chocolate treat.

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Bulk-up in the New Year

bulk-photo1That’s right I wrote Bulk-Up.  Of course I’m referring to our ever expanding bulk section. In the coming weeks we hope to add several varieties of loose leaf tea, more varieties of nuts and possibly even flour if space and equipment permits.

Locally grown bulk items included: pecans in the shell, popcorn, Black-Eyed Peas (great for New Year’s), Lima Beans, Crowder Peas, Black Beans, Pinto Beans, Kidney Beans and a lovely Heirloom Red Bean.  We also carry almonds, pinenuts, walnuts, cashews, pumpkin seeds and crystallized ginger.

We welcome your suggestions for other products.

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Blissoma’s stress serum: it helped me through the election, now it’s helping me through the holidays. aromatherapy finds a practical application in this awesome and easy to use product. a little roller on the temple, on the occipital ridge, and i can handle anything that comes my way. this would make a great stocking stuffer for that stressed-out person in your life!

serious local stocking stuffer action!

serious local stocking stuffer action!


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local sausage – Salume Beddu (review)

after much wait – we finally have Salume Beddu sausages in stock!

Mark Phillipe handcrafts these beautiful sausages right here in St. Louis.

last week, my grandmother was coming over for dinner and i thought – what is better for an Italian grandma than freshly made sausage…

so i took a package of Salciccia Fiama home and thawed it in the refrigerator.

the next night, i heated my cast iron skillet on high heat and carefully laid the sausages in the pan. i turned it to low heat and covered it for roughly ten minutes.

the aroma of the meat began to keep out from under the lid and seeped into the dinning room – soon everyone was asking ‘what’s that cooking?’ ‘what’s that wonderful smell?’

it, indeed, smelled wonderful.

i flipped the sausages and let them cook another ten minutes on the other side. at this point, even my cooking skills needed a little assistance – so i busted out my thermometer and checked the internal temp of the meat – it was a little low, so i cut the sausages in half, so they would cook a little faster.

finally, the insides hit 165degrees – i pulled them out of the pan and let them rest for a few minutes (which should be done with all cooked meat products), it was not easy because they smelled so great.

but the smell had nothing on the taste…they were delicious. savory and a little spicy. perfect with a dab of grainy mustard. you can tell it was made with care and love.



we have two types of sausage in stock, fiama (a little spicy) and dolce (a little sweet) – both are $10.79 per package, which contains four sausages.

i certainly recommend it.


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beginning of the holidaze.

this weekend marked the true beginning of the season for us at Local Harvest.

yesterday, we saw wonderful participation in this year’s cranksgiving. thanks to everyone that loaded up their bags and rode for charity.

we have stocked our new prepared foods cooler with ready-to-bake stuffing, cranberry sauce, and soups.

we finally got in our beautiful, fresh, free range turkeys yesterday…so if you ordered one – we have it ready for you.

we got in Joy Stinger’s lovely beeswax candles for a clean burning light at your Thanksgiving dinner, or decorative squash to liven up the table.

we have everything you need to make your holiday pies, including pie crust (even whole wheat), pie filling, spices, and cream for whipping.

Heartland has dropped off their delicious eggnog, and we have marshmallows and organic sweet potatoes.

and, of course, don’t forget our cold beer and imported wines – perfect for putting the festive into this time of year. (pictures coming soon!)

remember, it’s best when you do it local.


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new stuff for the holidays.

we have a few new items in the store…just in time for the holiday cooking craze:

Singing Dog organic vanilla extract -with a whole vanilla bean in each bottle- ($13.49) and Red Ape ground cinnamon ($5.69) and cinnamon sticks ($5.29) -they are better than fair trade!-. this is what they look like:


also, we are announcing our venture into serve-yourself bulk – we are kicking it off with popcorn, black beans, kidney beans, and pinto beans – all from Bellews Creek Farm in Hillsboro – that’s right, local dried beans!

our set up cute, to say the least…



come and visit, and let us know what you think.

my best,


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