Shop (Face)lifted!

We did some spring cleaning and general rearranging. Check out some of our new features.

  1. We traded bottled beer for tasty draft. Raise your glass to change.
  2. Look up! Those whimsical mason jar fixtures are handmade by our very own Sarah Trone.
  3. Take a seat. Our new chairs are sleek and space-saving.
  4. In the evening, cozy up to the bar. That toasty facade is wood from our owner, Maddie’s, family farm.
  5. Our new lean and mean espresso machine pulls the silkiest shots this side of Morganford. Mmm…

Tapped out.

Lights. Cafe. Action.

Walk on in. Sit right down.

Raising the bar.

We'll hit you with our best (2 ounce) shot.

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One response to “Shop (Face)lifted!

  1. Caryn Dugan

    Really looking forward to visiting and getting my Green Plate Special. Congrats on the renovation!


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