Weekly Harvest, October 31, 2010

Here’s the list for the week!  And for folks wanting to sign-up we are currently full. However, you can contact us through the blog to get put on our waiting list.  Also, all products listed for the week are available in our store for that week as well. 
Double Star Farms, Bluford, IL
1 pint cherry tomatoes
2 bell peppers Last of the season and I mean it this time. : )  They pulled out the plants.
1-1 1/2 lb broccoli Hope we have some broccoli lovers out there. This is a versative vegetable–use in stir frys, toss in pasta, eat as a side, or raw.  This may seem boring, but my favorite way to eat broccoli is just to steam and eat. I don’t salt it, or butter it or anything. This is especially great when it’s local and super fresh. 
Beets (from a neighboring farm of Double Star)
Silent Oaks Farm, IL
1 bunch turnips  Check out the blog for past recipes.
Claverach Farms, Eureka, MO
1 package pea shoots
Ringhausen Orchards, Jerseyville, IL
4-6 apples
Bowood Farms,Clarksville, MO
1 lb Ground Bison
DarBar Farms, Washington, MO
1 dozen eggs
Milton Creamery, Milton, IO
Old Style Cheddar
 St. Louis Wholesale, St. Louis, MO
1 pkg Tofu (vegetarians)  (also get one small pumpkin)
Companion Baking, St. Louis, MO
1 package crostinis
Gringo Salsa, O’Fallon, IL
1 jar salsa (mixed varieties)
San Luis Tortilla Co, St.Louis, MO 
1 pkg corn tortillas

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