Weekly Harvest October 24, 2010

Here’s the list for this week.  Lots of great options!
Double Star Farms, Bluford, IL 
1 head Cauliflower Recipe for roasted cauliflower included
2 Delicata squash AKA Peanut squash or Bohemian squash. Many folks think this is one of the tastier winter squashes, with a pulp that tastes a bit like corn and sweet potatoes. The squash can be baked or steamed The thin skin is also edible. The delicata squash is  an heirloom variety that was popular in the early 1900’s. 
1 head Napa Cabbage  Napa Cabbage originated in China and has a slightly sweeter and less intense flavor than traditional cabbage. Eat raw or use in any recipe that calls for cabbage.  Stores best covered and lasts about 5-7 days in the refrigerator.  Here’s a site with 8 ways to fix it http://www.sheknows.com/food-and-recipes/articles/809695/8-things-to-do-with-napa-cabbage
1 head Romaine Lettuce
1lb Green Beans (probably the last of the season)
2lbs Sweet Potatoes
1 Tomato
Greg Pusczek Farms, Marine, IL
1 bunch of Purple Top Turnips  Hope you are enjoying these.  I have been eating them like crazy.  The other night I just sliced them very thin and sauteed them in olive oil and added a little minced garlic and salt. Yum. They have a nutty sweetness that makes them easy to eat without much fuss.  Hopefully I’m not the only one crazy about turnips!
Prairie Grass Farms, New Florence, MO Dave Hillebrand aka “the Lamb Guy” made a conscious decision to adopt his growing principles. He rotates his lamb regularly and has seen his pastures explode with varieties of grasses and clover that had been dormant for years.  He has amazing stories so if you ever get the chance to talk with him it’s well worth it. (Find him at the Tower Grove Farmer’s Market and Maplewood Farmer’s Market)  Here’s a link to a very short article about Prairie Grass Farms that I highly recommend.  http://www.grist.org/article/2009-06-11-from-grass-to-grill-recipes
1lb ground lamb  There are a couple of recipes and a link for more ideas.
Local Harvest Cafe, St.Louis, MO (vegetarians)
1 package of Field Roast  Made with lentils, seitan, lots of spices and roasted eggplant, you can use this field roast as you would meat. Toss with pasta, serve on a sandwich (that’s what we do for our autumn/fall veggie sandwich at the cafe) or over rice.  It is extremely versatile.  It will only last about a week so you’ll want to use it quickly or freeze it.  If you have questions, let me know and I can put you in touch with our chef, Clara Moore.
Martin Rice, Bernie, MO
2lb bag of rice
Centennial Farms, Augusta, MO  They do farm tours if you feel like heading out for a visit. If you have kids they also do hayrides and have a pumpkin patch. About an hours drive from St.Louis. Here’s the website for more info and hours. http://centennialfarms.biz/
1 jar preserves
Companion Baking, St.Louis, MO
1 bag of Granola  Great for breakfast or a quick snack.  We love to make yogurt parfaits–layer yogurt and granola and in between add thin layers of any of the following: honey, jelly, peanut butter, or fresh fruit. Easy and delicious.
KaKao, St. Louis, MO  Brian, the owner, spent 20 years in the corporate world before finding his true passion in 2008–making chocolate.  He has a small store on Jefferson, near Gravois, which is really a delight!
2 Chocolate Bars
1 head of cauliflower
2-3 cloves of garlic, peeled and coarsely minced
Lemon juice from half a lemon
Olive oil
Coarse salt and freshly ground black pepper
Parmesan cheese (Heartland’s Methuselah is a good substitute)
1 Preheat oven to 400°F. Cut cauliflower into florets and put in a single layer in an oven-proof baking dish. Toss in the garlic. Sprinkle lemon juice over cauliflower and drizzle each piece with olive oil. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. If the oven hasn’t reached 400°F yet, set aside until it has.

2 Place casserole in the hot oven, uncovered, for 25-30 minutes, or until the top is lightly brown. Test with a fork for desired doneness. Fork tines should be able to easily pierce the cauliflower. Remove from oven and sprinkle generously with Parmesan cheese. Serve immediately.

LAMB CHILI  (call for 2lbs, but you can make with 1 lb or substitute other lb with pork, beef or buy another pound of lamb.)

LAMB:  http://www.sheepscreek.com/recipe_list.html

  • 2 lbs. ground lamb
  • 1 lg. yellow onion, coarsely chopped
  • 4 cloves garlic, pressed/minced
  • 2 cans stewed tomatoes
  • 1-2 cans tomato sauce
  • 1-2 cans tomato paste
  • 1 lb. black beans, soaked overnight (or longer :-/ )
  • 8 oz. fresh mushrooms, sliced thick
  • 4 T chili powder
  • 2 T cumin, ground
  • ½ T fresh ground pepper
  • 1 t salt

Brown the lamb, add onion, drain, put into stockpot (or crock-pot). Add garlic, tomatoes, tomato sauce, tomato paste (adjusting sauce and paste amounts to suit your likes), black beans, mushrooms, chili powder, cumin, pepper and salt. Simmer at least four hours, then taste and add more chili powder/cumin/pepper/salt to taste (preferably simmering more if more spices were added).

Options: add or substitute garbanzo or kidney beans


1 lb ground lamb

2 large garlic cloves, pressed

1 1/2 teaspoons coarse kosher salt

1/3 cup crumbled feta cheese  (can substitute goat cheese)

1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh mint  (there is quite a bit growing by the building next to the store if you want to pick some)

1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil

Place lamb in large bowl. Sprinkle garlic and salt over. Gently toss lamb to blend. Combine feta and mint in small bowl.

Divide lamb into 8 equal mounds. Using damp hands, shape each into ball. Working with 1 ball at a time, poke thumb into center to make hole. Press 1 teaspoon feta-mint filling into hole. Pinch hole closed, then press ball between palms to flatten into 3/4-inch-thick disk. Repeat with remaining lamb and feta-mint filling. DO AHEAD: Can be made 1 day ahead. Transfer to baking sheet. Cover and refrigerate.

Preheat oven to 250°F. Heat olive oil in heavy large skillet over medium heat. Working in 2 batches, cook lamb sausages until browned on both sides and cooked to desired doneness, about 3 minutes per side for medium. Transfer sausages to rimmed baking sheet and place in oven to keep warm. Serve hot. Read More http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Lamb-Sausage-Patties-with-Fresh-Mint-Feta-and-Garlic-241337#ixzz13EN4ZIeF


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3 responses to “Weekly Harvest October 24, 2010

  1. Michelle

    are you all still accepting subscriptions for this weekly CSA? Can you send me info on cost and other details? thanks!

    • doingitlocal

      Hey Michelle-
      It is full right now, but I am keeping a waiting list. We hope/plan to expand it once we are in our larger space. It is $50 a week and you can choose omnivore or vegetarian option. I can email you an info sheet if you want.

  2. Michelle

    Hi Maddie!

    I would love an info sheet … such a great combination of foods in each week’s box!

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