Weekly Harvest, October 3, 2010

Here are the contents for this week’s subscription.  Happy Eating!
Greg Pusczek’s Farm, Marine, IL
1 lb Roma Beans  Roma bean is another name for the long, wide, flat-podded Italian-style green beans. Also called pole beans, they’re excellent in dishes like minestrone  or simply sautéed in butter. Roma beans can also be substituted for regular green beans in most dishes. See recipe at bottom for pickling.
1 bunch of radishes
Double Star Farms, IL
1 Buttercup squash  The flavor of the buttercup squash’s flesh is sweet and nutty, with a creamy consistency more in line with that of a baked sweet potato than a pumpkin, which tends to be more fibrous and watery by comparison. The buttercup’s flesh can tend toward dryness, a flaw that is easily compensated for by cooking method. Steaming and baking are preferred methods of preparation, as both will bring out the sweetness of and add moistness to the flesh. (Taken from wiseGEEK website)
2 lbs yellow potatoes
2 cucumbers
3 ears of corn
Old Lawrence Greenhouses, Winfield, MO
3 Bell peppers  (stuffed bell pepper recipe on our blog in recipe section)
Claverach Farms, Eureka, MO (certified organic)
1 pkg of pea shoots  Pea shoots are what they say–the first “shoots” off the seeds.  Claverach Farms grows pea shoots, radish shoots and sunflower shoots and they are all wildly popular and delicious.  Use in place of salad greens, on a sandwich or add to stir fries or any sauteed veggies, but do it at the end. You only want to lightly wilt these if you cook them.  Wonderful lightly warm with crumbled bacon and goat cheese!
Prairie Grass Farm, New Florence, MO 
1 dozen eggs  These were the first eggs we carried in the store and still the most popular. Dave is very particular about his farming and has worked very hard to cultivate a farm where his animals live in harmony with the land. His chickens are in movable pens so the chickens are moved everyday to fresh grass. If you have never had pasture raised eggs you are in for a treat. Notice the dark yolks and the height of the yolk. If you compare to a conventional egg you will see the difference quickly. And once you taste it, you won’t go back!
Patchwork Family Farms, Columbia,MO (omnivores only)  Patchwork Farms is a collection of small hog farmers in Northern, MO.  All the hogs are raised outside without antibiotics. The bacon is a favorite of our customers!
1lb pkg of bacon
Longlife Tofu, St. Louis, MO (vegetarians only)
1lb package firm Tofu
Heartland Creamery, Newark, MO
1 pkg Heartland Chevre
Mangia Pasta, St. Louis, MO
1lb pkg of Angel Hair pasta
1 container pesto (vegetarians only)
Breakfast for dinner:  This is one of my favorite things to do–make breakfast for dinner.  This week it’s super easy.  Bacon and eggs with skillet “fried” potatoes or pesto eggs and potatoes. Saute the bell peppers with the potatoes! Yum.  Obviously great for breakfast too. : )
Salad of pea shoots, cucumbers and radishes
Stir fry using pea shoots, radishes, bell peppers, roma beans and tofu.If you have rice leftover from last week you can serve on the rice or toss with the pasta.  To make your tofu nice and brown, slice and then drain by wrapping slices in paper towels. Saute tofu in a high heat oil like coconut oil or peanut oil.  Let brown before turning.  I usually cut tofu into 1 inch length slices about 1/2 inch think and 1/2 inch wide.  Longlife Tofu has a wonderful texture!
Squash quesadillas Cook buttercup squash ahead of time. Cut in half and bake at 350 for about 40 minutes.  Store cooked squash in the frig for up to 3 days.  Saute onion, garlic and some sliced potatoes.  Spread mashed squash onto the tortilla and top with sauteed mixture. Top with cheddar cheese and cover with another tortilla.  Brown on both sides.  Cut into four pieces and top with your favorite salsa or sour cream. 
Pickling is a great way to use excess produce.  If you have too many beans or want to just do something different with cucumbers and radishes, try this quick refrigerator pickle recipe from our chef Clara Moore.  She is a master pickler!
Quick Pickles
(lasts for 6 weeks in the fridge)
4 c picklin’ veg (brussel sprouts, turnips, carrots, cauliflower, tomatoes, radishes, green beans)
2 cups white or apple cider vinegar
3/4 cup water
1 T salt (not iodized)
2 T pickling spice (optional, you can also use fresh herbs)
1 clove garlic
*warm water, vinegar, salt, and pickling spice in sauce pan until salt is dissolved
*place vegetables (cut or whole) in glass jar or ceramic container
*pour warm vinegar solution over vegetables
*put the lid on and leave on counter for one hour to cool
*place in refrigerator
*serve after 24 hours


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2 responses to “Weekly Harvest, October 3, 2010

  1. Jennifer Marie Gray

    For pea shoot ideas check out http://www.peashoots.com I made the pea shoot and smoked bacon soup tonight. Delicious, easy and refreshing.

  2. Lisa Marucci

    I found this website dedicated to pea shoots. After I cooked mine deliciously, of course! But here are some interesting recipes.


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