A trip to Joy Stingers-and lovely candles

Joy and her beautiful pillar

When you meet Joy Stinger, you don’t forget it.  A bundle of energy,  amazing honey, and beautiful candles all from a woman who personifies German grandma. Don’t ask me to explain that, it just makes sense to  me.  Anyway, I was excited to get the chance to visit Joy at her home this week. My son got dragged along too, but lucky for him this meant the chance to see chickens, hold a rabbit, see fish, cats, and two dogs. It’s like a petting zoo and Santa’s workshop in Clayton, Missouri. 

The dog was licking the bunny...

I visited Joy to buy some of her beautiful candles for the holidays.  You’ll notice a photo of her pillars and one of her molds. The candles are amazing and many are made with antique molds. Joy also hand paints a lot of the candles which are made with beeswax and have the lovely aroma of honey.

Candle molds

In addition to candles, I was able to get a peek into Joy’s world. There is no shortage of animals to care for, candles to paint, molds to fill, eggs to gather…etc.  Seriously I don’t know how she does it all.

We have lots of her candles for sale at the store-tapers, pillars, pine cones, old-fashioned santas and small painted and unpainted ornaments.  As quickly as they are selling I think I’ll be heading back to Clayton very soon.

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