On eating

Last night I ate alone.  My son was asleep, my hubby was out, the radio was off, the computer was closed, the dog was quiet and I intentionally didn’t pick up the Sauce Magazine on the table even though I really wanted to. Tonight, I thought, I will really taste my food.

The meal was simple.  A grilled cheese sandwich with thick slices of fresh tomato from the garden, Mangia pesto, Companion Bread and Morningland Dairy sharp cheddar. The sandwich was perfectly browned and the cheese melted just right. 

I cut the sandwich in half and stared at the layers for awhile.  I was happy that I could still see the separateness of each ingredient.  The white of the cheese, the slightly cooked, but still firm tomato, and the pesto which was dripping its aromatic green oil over the rest of the sandwich.  I was ready.

The sandwich met all my expectations. I appreciated how warming it  melded the flavors together into summer goodness. I savored each bite. And at the end of the meal I felt truly satisfied. 

I wish I could say that I took time everyday to really savor  my entire meal.  This little exercise reminded me that I need to put away the newspapers more  often. I need to be more quiet while I eat–perhaps even in the company of others. That I need to finish one bite before I take the next. That I can take time to really enjoy what I’m putting into my mouth.

Yep, the “slow food” movement would be proud.

Yours in taking a minute,


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One response to “On eating

  1. You know, I read this post and I had to chastise myself for a minute. I can’t think of the last meal that I was truly, really paying attention to my food. I’m either reading, talking, or just shoveling food in without really stopping to savor it. But if you do stop, you can enjoy the simple perfection of something such as a deluxe grilled cheese sandwich. Thank you for the reminder to slow down. Slow food doesn’t just refer to the process of obtaining and cooking the food, but to savoring and enjoying eating it as well.

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