Biver Farms

 Brett and Maddie's son Beck. Brett was helping me decrease the mud intake. IMG_1449

About a month ago I had the chance to visit Biver Farms in Edwardsville, IL.  I must admit I’m not one who readily crosses the river, but it was definitely worth it. Brett Palmer gave us a tour of the crops and that meant also a walk through some heavy mud. Biver Farms is an organic farm and they make good use of hoops to insulate early crops and row covers to decrease pests. 
I was reminded very quickly of what friggin’ hard work farming is.  Brett will be our featured Farmer at the “Meet the Farmer” dinner on June 29th. The dinner is by reservation only. But if you are lucky enough to be able to attend, be prepared to hear some great stories and learn some ins and outs of organic farming from someone who does it all year.
Beautiful heads of cabbage waiting for harvest. We'll have them in the store the week of 6/22.

Beautiful heads of cabbage waiting for harvest. We'll have them in the store the week of 6/22.

Enjoy these few photos from the adventure.


P.S. Many thanks to Brett for carrying my son for part of the tour. He worked hard to minimize the mud intake. It was partially successful!


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2 responses to “Biver Farms

  1. mark

    Maddie, I’m glad you put a picture of the cabbage up on the site. We have the cabbage in the store– they’re huge and wonderful. We’re selling them at only .79 a pound (about four dollars) and they’re selling like mad.

    Oh, and Brett is one of my local heroes. I can’t say enough good things about him and the farm– even if they are across the river.

  2. Randy

    Yes! Biver Farms is a wonderful place, and the organic food is wonderful, as are all the people who work there. They even sell organic wheat grass! Support this farm. We very much need this kind of energy in our food and in our world!

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