beef. 4 ways.

last night was another farmer dinner – this time with Jeremy Parker and his Missouri Grass Fed Beef.

a number of avid beef eaters, armed with their sense of adventure, joined us at the cafe with Jeremy to partake in an interesting meal. i am not quite sure if these folks knew what they were getting into, but as far as i can tell they all loved it.

Local Harvest Dinner 005

Jeremy spoke lovingly about his cows, his pasture, his techniques – i interrupted him a few times to explain the dishes set in front of everyone. it was something like this:

first course
kabobs with onions and pineapple, served with sauteed garlic scapes

Local Harvest Dinner 004

second course
tongue pot roast with roasted garlic smashed potatoes

Local Harvest Dinner 010

third course
grilled hearts with green chili bread pudding and jicama salad

Local Harvest Dinner 013

forth course
mini burger served on a companion roll with mustard, horseradish sauce, and garlic scape pesto

final course
cranberry walnut Baetje Farms goat cheese with pear slices

i was thrilled to be able to use these strange cuts of meat, especially from such wonderfully delicious cows. and i was thrilled that everyone enjoyed the meal.

jeremy offered everyone a tour of his farm, i think i might just take him up on that offer.

hope to see you soon,


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