Chef’s Tasting!

i have been a bit quiet lately. vacations mixed with a great increase in business is my excuse.

as maddie mentioned a few weeks ago – spring is here – beginning the most exciting seasons of produce. we have already seen some lovely buttery spinach and finally the asparagus was trimmed and sent to us. slowly the sprouts are growing into plants, that willl soon bear the wonderful fruits of summer.

we can’t wait!!

for about two months, we have been offering saturday night chef’s tastings. basically i go to the market in the morning and create a four course meal from whatever inspires me. it requires a bit of trust, as you never know what you will be eating until it is on the plate in front of you. for a while the slim produce pickings made my job extremely difficult – you can only be so creative with potatoes and parsnips.

but last week was the first time i could truely say there was a beautiful bounty at the market. it was very inspiring.

here is what i made for 6 very trusting people:

-roasted asparagus with toasted walnuts and lemon zest

-crowder pea stew topped with lightly sauteed pea shoots

-black radish salad with pickled beet vineagrette, topped with radish sprouts

-celery root mash with braised celery

-lamb meatballs stuffed with goat cheese, served with roasted rhubarb and a rosemary brown sugar butter sauce

we all had a great time (me cooking and them eating).

i am so glad spring is here.


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