100% Grass Fed Beef

grassLocal Harvest Grocery is excited to welcome Missouri Grass Fed Beef as a new vendor.  You’ll find that this  100% grass fed beef is comparably priced, delicious, locally produced and we believe better for the environment and the animal.  And, how great is it to be able to buy it right here in the City of St. Louis. No trip to the county is necessary. 

Please check out the information below to learn more about Missouri Grass Fed Beef.  Jeremy, one of the farmers  and owners, is very knowledgeable and a big believer in the importance of 100% grass fed beef, sustainable farming, and treating animals well.  

If you want to meet him yourself, he will be at the Maplewood Farmer’s Market this year. 

The meat arrives on March 26th so we hope to see you soon!


Website: http://www.eatmograssfedbeef.com/

Our mission at Missouri Grass Fed Beef is simple:

>Treat our animals humanely and ethically
>Provide the highest quality grass fed beef in a reliable year round supply
>Enable small farms to continue their way of life while leaving the smallest footprint on the environment

We forbid any growth hormones, steroids, or antibiotics to be given to our cattle so that our customers can be assured of receiving pure, healthy beef the way nature intended.
The beef we sell has been born and raised on the same farm from start to finish.  They are processed at less than 1 year of age which results in the leanest, most tender grass fed beef available.  They have never been fed any grain or animal by-products(standard practice at commercial feed lots) and have only had grass, legumes, mother’s milk, and free choice minerals.
Our family has been in the cattle business since 1945 and we have seen many changes in farming and ranching throughout the decades.  One thing that has not changed is our commitment to the land and to our animals.  We keep our land healthy and productive by utilizing a rotational grazing system.  This insures that our cattle are taking in the highest quality protein. 


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4 responses to “100% Grass Fed Beef

  1. Will you be limiting the store to one line of grass fed beef? We’re harvesting our first 4 steers this fall along with more Red Wattle hogs. As we grow we will be looking for places to market our heritage grass fed beef and pastured heritage pork.

    • doingitlocal

      Hi Steven-
      Right now we only have room for about one cow at a time and thus one farmer. I’d be interested in hearing about your pork! And, we’d love to keep your information because at some point we hope to expand or open another location. And then we would hopefully have room for more!
      Thanks for contacting us.

  2. pat

    When will this be made available at maplewood’s market? Is the market in the parking lot of Schlafley’s? What are the days of the week and hours of the day that you will be at that location? Thanks!

  3. Jeremy Parker of Missouri Grass-fed beef is at the Farmer’s Market in Maplewood every Wednesday. He did not actually write this post, we wrote it at LHG, so you might want to email him directly through his website which I think I put in the post.
    The Maplewood Farmer’s Market is every Wed., 4-7 p.m. at the Bottlework’s parking lot.

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