New products–Mangia Pesto and Sauce

Craving the taste of Mangia but can’t be bothered to step out of your house. Well, next time you’re at Local Harvest I highly suggest you grab one of the new products we’re carrying from Mangia–Pesto and Pasta Sauce.  A few nights ago I enjoyed the pesto with some of the fresh Radiatorre from Mangia. It was sooo delicious.  The pesto was just right–not too oily and full of basil and garlic.  Made me think of summer time. 

Oh yeah, and don’t forget that we carry a variety of fresh pasta from Mangia and the selections change weekly.  A new one I had the other day was a beet fettuccine and it was delightful. The flavor was a little earthy and color was a nice light fuschia.  The pasta does not taste like beets which made my husband very happy.


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