Cheryl’s Shampoo and Soap-review

Here’s a recent product review from one of our customers.  I’m so glad she chose this vendor because I think many people overlook the Cheryl’s Herbs products in the store.  Hope this encourages more folks to try her wonderful goods…..

Hello there!  My name is Barb. I teach organic nutrition and whole body
health.  Additionally, I’m constantly searching for products to put in me or on me
that will prove to be a fountain of youth (you know, make me younger,
smarter and better looking lol).  Well, recently I found just such a
product!  I’m 46 and I color my hair for the sake of my vanity.  It was
just beginning to get that dry, over-cooked look when I discovered this
amazing product by Cheryl’s Herbs.  Its her Dry Skin Soap and Shampoo.
Now I must say, I’ve never used a combo product like this that delivered
well for both purposes.  But Cheryl’s is awesome!  In fact, now I have
soft, silky, shiny hair like a teenager (or like I never had when I was a
teenager). And my skin is looking and feeling so great, too. 

I’m not from the mid-west, so this winter, when my skin got so dry, red and flaky, I
thought it must be terminal!  But Cheryl’s cleared that up in a matter of
days.  Best of all, it delivers all this without making me oily at all,
which I also had trouble with. What a curse to be dry, red, flaky and oily
all at once!  But Cheryl’s changed all that for the better!  What an
awesome product.

Local Harvest carries several varieties of her soap/shampoo combinations and her lip balm.  Cheryl’s Herbs is located in Maplewood and she makes all of her products.  Check them out.

Keep it local,


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