SCREAM for ice-cream cakes!

blog-ice-cream-cakeA DECADENT TREAT

Even if you believe that Valentine’s Day is nothing but a made up Hallmark Holiday, please don’t make the mistake of passing up this amazing heart-shaped ice cream cake. That would be a sad day indeed.

A new product at Local Harvest Grocery, this 90% organic, locally-made ice cream cake is worth the calories and the price. The cakes are very moist and the homemade ice creams and sorbets are light and rich at the same time. 

Flavors are unique–of course there is a triple chocolate, but you’ll also find Blackberry and Mango as well as a peanut butter and chocolate cake.   The cakes will easily serve four and possibly six. The price is $24.99 and worth every penny. Supplies are limited.

And sorry about the lousy photo.


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