more of what barbara has to offer.

this is a continuation of this post about the book “animal, vegetable, miracle.”

barabara kingsolver and her family are continuing to inspire me and my quest for good food.

she asserts, over and over, that community and respectful farming practices are the most important steps to this.

i have a few more digestible quotables for you:

ms. kingsolver tries to explain her family’s decision to become a large part of (and sometimes only part of) their eating chain (from growing to fabricating to cooking their food):

“A lot of human hobbies, from knitting sweaters to building model airplanes, are probably rooted in the same human desire to control an entire process of manufacture. Karl Marx called it the antidote to alienation. Modern business psychologists generally agree, noting that workers will build a better car when they participate in the assembly rather than just slapping on one bolt, over and over…In the case of modern food, our single-bolt job has become the boring act of poking the thing in our mouths.”

she also continues to implore everyone to think about how their money is spent, or at least where it goes.

“Buying your goods from local businesses rather than national chains generates about three times as much money for your local economy. Studies from all over the country agree on that, even while customers keep buying at chain stores, and fretting that the downtown blocks of mom-and-pop venues are turning into a ghost town.”

and also reminds us that it is not only healthy and good to buy from local farmers, but patriotic to the core.

“Thomas Jefferson…presumed on the basis of colonial experience that farming and democracy are intimately connected. Cultivation of land meets the needs of the farmer, the neighbors, and the community, and keeps people independent from domineering centralized powers.”


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