ropp cheese from normal, il.

the store is now carrying some new local cheese – ropp cheeses.

these cheeses are made in normal, illinois with the milk from jersey cows, which tends to be a bit sweeter than milk from regular dairy cows.

we have quite a selection cheddars (like white cheddar, jalapeno, green onion, horseradish) and a delicious swiss.

the one type that caught my eye was the cheddar blue, it looks like this:


i would say that the sweetness definitely shines through, creating a subtle and creamy blue cheese with a bit of a white cheddar bite.

i had some with crackers and apples – it was great. and then i had some in a salad – it was also great.

andy from riddles penultimate and from eat here st. louis visited the farm and reported that the cows are happy and healthy.

the specialty cheeses cost $10.19 per pound and the others are $9.19 per pound.

come in and try some local delights.



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