The Glorious Mung Bean













I bet that title drew you in like a moth to the flame. mung-bean

So a customer has turned me onto sprouting mung beans. I just sprouted my first batch and it was super easy.  You can buy 1 lb of mung beans from LHG for $2.49.  I imagine that if you used them only for sprouts you could easily get 10-12 cups of sprouts. 

Here’s how:

1. Take a clean mason jar and place about 1/4 cup of mung beans in the jar.

2. Rinse the beans thoroughly.

3. I left the beans a little wet and then covered the jar with a folded paper towel and rubber band then poked some air holes. (bean sprouting aficionados use a screen or cheesecloth–I may upgrade soon.)

4.  The customer told me to rinse them once a day which I did, however other research suggests you should rinse the beans 2-3 times a day. I will do this the next time because I think it will encourage quicker sprouting. Obviously, if you’re using a paper towel to cover your beans, remove it before rinsing.  Beans should be moist, but not soaking in water when you store them for sprouting.

5. I stored the jar in my cabinet, but I’ve read that you can also just leave it on your counter.

6. Poof, in about five days I had mung bean sprouts.

I ate a few today and they are quite tasty. How soon you eat them is up to you. I let mine get about 2 inches long. They are earthy and what I love best is the ability to grow something in the cold, cold, winter month of January. Reminds me that Spring will come again…..

To find recipes for cooking mung beans, here’s a website I found:



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