Beer and Wine! Wine and Beer!

over at the grocery – we have expanded our beer and wine selection, adding another rack for wine and another cooler for beer.

our new acquistions include selections from He’Brew, Boulevard, Left Hand Brewery, and Fort Collins Brewery, and our new wine rack is stocked with imported, domestic, and even local bottles of wine (Chamborchin from Claverach Vineyards in Eureka, Missouri) priced from $5 to $16.




here at the cafe’ – we are now serving some delicious beer and wine…

things like Schlafly, O’Fallon, New Grist gluten free, Arcadia Nut Brown, and Guiness – as well as Cruz de Piedra Granacha, Penescal Tempranillo, Hess Artezin Zinfandel, and Vinecol Organic Chardonnay.



come in for a pint of beer with your lasagna or a glass of wine with you anitpasto plate. starting friday, we are open till 9pm nightly (except sunday and monday).


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2 responses to “Beer and Wine! Wine and Beer!

  1. naivelocosaintloon

    I’m really impressed with our beer and wine selections. We have over 30 choices of beer and over 20 choices of wine! I’m excited to try everything.

    For wines, our Argentinian Malbecs have been flying off the shelf with sales and positive reviews. Personally, I started at the $5 end of the scale and picked up an Australian version of shiraz, and I was very pleased. Apparently the French grape responsible for great French Syrahs has migrated to Australia and the Aussies are making good use of it– and they call it shiraz. The same company that produced the Shiraz I like so much also produces a Merlot– and, even though Merlots are good everywhere, I’m betting the Australian Merlot is a good value at $5 a bottle.

    As for beer, I’m more particular (is it better to be a beer snob than a wine snob?). I like well-balanced, back-of-the-palate beers.

    But, I understand there’s a craze for hard-hitting, whatIcall roof of the mouth beers. The India Pale Ales (IPAs) and American Pale Ales (APAs) are extremely popular. The Hoptimistic ale seems to be the favorite of both our staff and customers so far. But all the local IPA’s and APA’s are selling well. Hops is the key to this beer variety.

    Although most people seem to prefer hopped-up beers (and, there’s nothing wrong with that), I prefer more-balanced beers, or even malt-heavy beers. And this is where I’m so excited about our selection. We now have a lot of smooth English Ales that are very well-balanced. (An interesting note about the difference between IPAs and English ales is that IPAs were standard English Ales with a lot of extra hops added as a preservative to beers England would ship to India.) The most-promising of the English Ales I’ve seen is the new St. Peters– hold the bottle up to a light and you won’t leave the store without it.

  2. mark

    Oh heavens. I splurged tonight and bought one of our craft beers. At $8.99 a bottle this better be a really good beer. I went for Boulevard’s Seeyoulator and am completely blown away by how good it is. Seeyoulator is a double bock, which means the beermakers rely more on the malt for flavor (rather than the hopps or yeast). Boulevard has made one of the best tasting beers I have ever encountered!

    The Seeyoulator was made to be appreciated. If you ever want to sit back and enjoy the company of friends and an extremely good beer, I suggest the Seeyoulator. This truly is the BEST locally made beer I have encountered.

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