Blissoma’s stress serum: it helped me through the election, now it’s helping me through the holidays. aromatherapy finds a practical application in this awesome and easy to use product. a little roller on the temple, on the occipital ridge, and i can handle anything that comes my way. this would make a great stocking stuffer for that stressed-out person in your life!

serious local stocking stuffer action!

serious local stocking stuffer action!



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4 responses to “STRESS-BUSTER

  1. Molly

    Anne recommended this when I was feeling pretty anxious and had a bad eye twitch as a result. It really helped and now I use it when my nerves are getting a little too stressed. Plus it smells good!!

  2. naivelocosaintloon

    I’m glad it worked for you. Just smelling it works for me. I think we still have a sample bottle behind the counter at the grocery. If anyone needs a free stress-relieving moment, just ask someone at the grocery if we still have a sample. (Of course, if it works for you, you’ll have to buy it fr times when you’re away from the store!

    I haven’t read the ingredients, but I think it has a lot of lavender, which is very effective for stress relief.

    Another sample that may provide some stress relief– we may have it behind the counter– is Patric’s (no relation to our Patrick) new 75% Dark Chocolate.

  3. Britney Spears

    Can I drink it??

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