Kimker Hill Farms Pancake Mix

satisfied customer

satisfied customer

 So, I really do usually make pancakes from scratch (isn’t that what I’m supposed to say), but this morning we used Denise’s Healthy Pancake Mix from Kimker Hill Farms.  I followed the super easy directions –add one egg, and 2/3 cup of milk or milk substitute for each cup of mix.   I did end up adding extra milk to thin it because it was too thick for me. I also added some Red Ape Cinnamon and Stahlbush blog-pancakes-and-applesauce-001organic frozen blueberries and cooked the pancakes in a little bit of melted butter. Mmm. 

I really loved this mix. It’s not uber processed like many pancake mixes.  You can still see the oat grains that are blended in and the texture is chewy and really delicious.  The mix is a combination of organic wheat berries, flax seed, organic unbleached flour and oats. The pancakes are so flavorful that it seemed like syrup would ruin it so, as mentioned in an earlier post, my son and I used an applesauce, yogurt mix as a topping.

So I’m giving this mix a two thumbs up!

Yours in wintertime eating,




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2 responses to “Kimker Hill Farms Pancake Mix

  1. I just have to say that I use this pancake mix regularly and it is ALWAYS A HIT. I’ve never had a healthy, hearty pancake mix go over so well. I love to add a little yogurt in when I have it. And they are fantastic with anything or nothing on top. LOVE it!

  2. This mix is the best. My mom used to make waffles for us when we were growing up. She used Bisquick of course. They sure tasted good back then, but now I refer the heartier taste of whole grains. With the Kinker Hill Mix,I can enjoy waffles again. I must admit though, they are even better with a drizzle of pure maple syrup!

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