Dinner Menu 12/6

since yesterday’s menu was so delicious, we decided o stick with it….

you can read it here.

keep doing it local,


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One response to “Dinner Menu 12/6

  1. naivelocosaintloon

    Hi Clara, and Hi any locavores out there that happen upon this site: Mark, here, I work over at the Local Harvest Grocery. I just want to praise all of your good work, and all of Patrick’s good work at the Local Harvest Cafe. I eat there 5 or 6 times a week, and I’m never disappointed.

    There are two things that I want to rave about. First, the smoked brisket. Patrick has the smoker up and running, and the results are amazing! There may be a short supply of it, so, I highly recommend any omnivore in the vicinity to take advantage of it while it’s available at the cafe. Second, Clara just whipped up a batch of roasted red pepper hummus. It’s available at both the cafe and the grocery. I think it is even better than Clara’s regular hummus (which is already very popular).

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