local sausage – Salume Beddu (review)

after much wait – we finally have Salume Beddu sausages in stock!

Mark Phillipe handcrafts these beautiful sausages right here in St. Louis.

last week, my grandmother was coming over for dinner and i thought – what is better for an Italian grandma than freshly made sausage…

so i took a package of Salciccia Fiama home and thawed it in the refrigerator.

the next night, i heated my cast iron skillet on high heat and carefully laid the sausages in the pan. i turned it to low heat and covered it for roughly ten minutes.

the aroma of the meat began to keep out from under the lid and seeped into the dinning room – soon everyone was asking ‘what’s that cooking?’ ‘what’s that wonderful smell?’

it, indeed, smelled wonderful.

i flipped the sausages and let them cook another ten minutes on the other side. at this point, even my cooking skills needed a little assistance – so i busted out my thermometer and checked the internal temp of the meat – it was a little low, so i cut the sausages in half, so they would cook a little faster.

finally, the insides hit 165degrees – i pulled them out of the pan and let them rest for a few minutes (which should be done with all cooked meat products), it was not easy because they smelled so great.

but the smell had nothing on the taste…they were delicious. savory and a little spicy. perfect with a dab of grainy mustard. you can tell it was made with care and love.



we have two types of sausage in stock, fiama (a little spicy) and dolce (a little sweet) – both are $10.79 per package, which contains four sausages.

i certainly recommend it.



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