beginning of the holidaze.

this weekend marked the true beginning of the season for us at Local Harvest.

yesterday, we saw wonderful participation in this year’s cranksgiving. thanks to everyone that loaded up their bags and rode for charity.

we have stocked our new prepared foods cooler with ready-to-bake stuffing, cranberry sauce, and soups.

we finally got in our beautiful, fresh, free range turkeys yesterday…so if you ordered one – we have it ready for you.

we got in Joy Stinger’s lovely beeswax candles for a clean burning light at your Thanksgiving dinner, or decorative squash to liven up the table.

we have everything you need to make your holiday pies, including pie crust (even whole wheat), pie filling, spices, and cream for whipping.

Heartland has dropped off their delicious eggnog, and we have marshmallows and organic sweet potatoes.

and, of course, don’t forget our cold beer and imported wines – perfect for putting the festive into this time of year. (pictures coming soon!)

remember, it’s best when you do it local.


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