come back to milk chocolate…(review)

once i discovered high quality chocolate in culinary school, it was pretty much dark chocolate only from then on out. i like the bitter and bold flavor of a high percentage chocolate. not a hersey’s milk chocolate bar or milky way passed my lips – milk chocolate equaled inferior (boy, i can be a snob).

well that is what i thought until recently, when we got milk chocolate into the store. in this form:

“this ain’t your average hersey bar…” said my friend.

this crispy little bar is sweetened with fair trade sugar and filled with crunchy rice. boy, how i have missed the smooth creaminess of milk chocolate…

tasting notes:

-sweet, but not too sweet. some may say ‘perfectly sweet.’

-i taste a hint of coconut, followed by the soft pudding flavor.

-the texture is perfectly yielding, till you reach a crisped rice – which is, in contrast, offers toothsome resistance.

so, in case you were wondering : this girl gives it a “very highly recommended.”


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