Tofu recipe-Longlife Tofu

Hey there- One of our faithful customers took me up on the idea of submitting a recipe. Yeah! Thanks so much Michael. He uses the Longlife Deep-fried tofu.  It sounds really tasty to me–especially the part about caramelizing and “sticky goodness.”



I like the deep-fried tofu for its texture and ease of use, and it costs
much less than the baked and seasoned varieties. No more draining and
patting dry, no more pan frying, and no more heartbreak when your drained
and dried little cubes crumble in the pan. Open the package, dice, and
cook. That’s worth the added fat, which is not all that much in the end.

This time of year, the rest is all about root vegetables, gourds, and warmth.

The Ingredients:

1) One package of deep-fried tofu

2) Some onions, as much or as little as you like

3) Lots of carrots, cleaned & diced

4) Optionally, some squash or pumpkin, peeled and diced. You can go with
pre-cooked if texture is not important.

5) Up to about a cup of walnuts pieces, broken up fine

6) A big thumb-sized piece of ginger, peeled and minced. I always put in
half at the start of cooking and the other half just as I’m finishing

7) Some frozen peas or preserved roasted peppers for color

8) The sauce: About half a cup of soy sauce, a healthy teaspoon-sized dose
of brown sugar, and a squirt of lemon or lime juice

The Cooking:

Fry the ginger for about 30 seconds in a really hot, oiled pan. Add all
the vegetables and stir to coat. Let them fry until you get just short of
the consistency you like, then add the remaining ginger and walnut pieces
and make sure they get nice and hot.

Your pan needs to be as hot as it can get for the last step, which is
adding the vigorously stirred sauce. If you do it right, the sauce will
caramelize and give you lots of sticky goodness.

Serve over whatever starch brings you the most joy. Personally, I go for
short-grain brown riceor, if I really need a shot in the arm, udon
noodles. Garnish with a little sesame oil and/or sriracha garlic-chili

If I can get my act together enough to make some vegetable side dishes,
such as shredded carrots with rice vinegar and sesame oil, Brian and I can
usually avoid wolfing down the entire yield for dinner. There are few
greater joys in the workweek than popping leftovers of this stuff in the
microwave and having your own little mid-day comfort food festival.


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2 responses to “Tofu recipe-Longlife Tofu

  1. Michael

    Yikes! Looks like I left out the part where you dice the tofu and add it in with the ginger and walnuts. Ah well, my career as an internet food diva will have to wait!

  2. Love the recipe. I’d only add a couple fat cloves of garlic, minced..then it’d be right up my alley.

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