local tofu? (review)

Many folks don’t realize that we carry two varieties of tofu that are made right here in St. Louis (okay, Wentzville, MO). Longlife Soy Products is the name and tofu is their game. Man I’m making myself laugh.

You can find both the extra firm tofu cake and fried tofu in our refrigerated section. It is not organic, but it is local and as far as tofu goes it is super tasty. My favorite part about the tofu cake, which is stored in water, is the texture. I sliced it up to fry it and it did not crumble—not ONCE. It browned easily and the taste was really nice. The fried tofu is also tasty and very popular at the store. This is great when you don’t have the time to do it yourself and want to ensure that you have a chewy texture.

Longlife Soy Products also makes fresh soy milk, compressed five-spice baked tofu, smoked tofu cakes, and thin compressed tofu. We might be interested in adding a couple of these if there is enough interest.

So enjoy some local soybean bliss.

Yours in eating and doing it local,



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