who wants beer?…Charleville (review)

in preparation for our spanking new liquor license – we decided to try some beer.

first out of the cooler were three brews from Charleville Vineyards in Ste. Genevieve.

these three:

all of these brews got rave reviews from all of us. our notes look something like this (please do forgive us, we are not beer tasting professionals, just enthusiasts):

tornado alley amber ale

fairly dark in color, but clear

the nose and the flavor are on the light side

i tasted mostly coffee and chocolate, with a bitter back end

half wit wheat

light in color, a little cloudy

the nose is heavy with orange, and the first taste is full of corriander – this is a spice lovers beer

the corriander wasn’t my favorite, but it did lend the beer an interesting flavor

it had a mostly clean finish

Maddie thought this one was dandy.

hoptimistic i.p.a

there is no picture – we drank the whole bottle before i thought to bring out the camera.

that is how good it is.

it didn’t hurt that anne and i love i.p.a. to begin with, but….

this one is delicious, on the hoppy side but bursting with flavor and it has a nice clean finish.

i’m enthusiasic about this beer – actually i am enthusiastic about all these beers.

just hold your breath a little longer and you will be able to buy these right out of our cooler.



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4 responses to “who wants beer?…Charleville (review)

  1. Yay for the liquor license! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us.

  2. Amanda

    Oh, who doesn’t have a bitter back end? 🙂 Enjoying the new blog and looking forward to some local beers and wines.

  3. naivelocosaintloon

    When?!!!! And which local beers? Technically, AB products are “local,” but I’m not a big fan of their beers. I’m looking forward to a lot of good local beers.

    And what about local wines? The best Missouri wines I’ve tasted were sweet, and more like apertifs. Any news would be good news! Any good mellow wines to mix with good bread, cheese, and apples?

    • mark

      Our friends at Charleville have come up with my favorite local beer currently available: their bock. Charleville has already demonstrated their ability to come up with great hoppy beers (their Hoptimistic), and great wheat beers (their half-wit and it’s more expensive cousin). but, finally, Charleville has come up with a beer that suits my taste-buds more than my faculties as a beer snob! Charleville’s new bock not only meets the criteria of excelling in any given category, but excels in a category I truly enjoy exploring: bocks, double-bocks, and even triple-bocks. The new bock by Charleville is the ONLY local brew I’ve found that clearly stands above the rest.

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